August 25, 2010wooga celebrates one year online

Jens BegemannBerlin – August 26, 2010

Dear fans of wooga,

Just one short year ago we launched our first game, Brain Buddies, on Facebook.

Today we celebrate a huge milestone. There are now 10 million monthly active users (MAU) on Facebook playing our three games: Brain Buddies, Bubble Island and Monster World.

This makes us the 8th largest social games developer worldwide and the largest from Europe: (No. 1 to 7 on this list are from the west coast of the US)

Looking back on the past twelve months we are very proud of our accomplishments:

  • We grew organically from 0 to over 10 million MAU, with only 3% of our users joining through advertising
  • The superb quality of our games is widely recognized, most recently by winning the European games award for Best Social Game
  • We are the only Facebook developer doing full localization (fan pages, local virtual goods, customer care) of our games.
  • Bubble Island has seen tremendous success. Launched after the removal of notifications in Spring 2010 it is arguably the most successful game from a non-incumbent top 5 games developer in 2010.
  • More than 250 million brain tests have been made by Brain Buddies, the highest rated and most successful brain training game on Facebook with many extremely loyal (and hardcore!) fans.
  • Monster World is showing very healthy growth and has doubled its user-base during the last 30 days to 2.7 million MAU. Monster World is the only farming-principle game on Facebook which is growing.

In our office we turned a large door into Bubble Island

Not only have our games grown – just one year ago wooga was a small handful of people working in a backyard. Today we have an amazing team of 50 people from 12 countries working hard out of cool offices in an old baking factory in Berlin to create the best social games in the world. We are expanding quickly and looking for new colleagues:

I look forward to delivering more fun gameplay to you in the next 12 months,

Founder & CEO wooga

P.S.: “Game four” is in closed beta and we will announce and launch it soon.