May 11, 2012Currywurst Potpourri: Internationality at Wooga

When Wooga was founded in 2009, the ambitious intention was for it to become a successful game developer with an international audience. Therefore, it was important to integrate different cultures in every part of the development process from the very first moment on.

The fact that all communication is done in English has helped attract international talents, but no one expected the company to rise from only a handful of employees to a hundred and become a truly international StartUp in no time. Three years later, the Wooga office in Berlin counts over 190 employees from 35 countries.

Germans used to be the majority at Wooga, but this has now changed. All of our international employees combined make up for over 50% of the company. Currently, Americans, Finns, Brazilians and Italians are among the most represented nationalities (8% of Americans for instance equal 14 U.S.-Woogas: Six work as engineers, four in production, three in operations and one artist).

Wooga’s international composition is also reflected in each of the company’s small teams, allowing everyone to understand the specifics of the international fanbase and keeping the games authentic. This is so important since different cultures are constantly represented in our games.

Woogas come from all over the globe, yet all of them decided to leave their home countries behind, travelling thousands and thousands of miles to move to Berlin – one of the world’s most fascinating StartUp hotbeds.

With this in mind, everyone at Wooga is dedicated to making the newcomers’ transition as smooth as possible. A contemporary Wooga apartment for the first weeks and German language courses in the company help to get adjusted to Deutschland’s customs and getting new Woogas up on their feet. Among many other internal initiatives, Woogas have also created an exceptional network outside the company, allowing new Berliners to catch up with others while playing a round of football, watching a film or partying the night away. In case you have never heard of “Currywurst”, Woogas will certainly take you to a place where you can try this famous Berlin speciality.