October 22, 2012Mobile²: Wooga Goes Mobile



Wooga’s recently announced mobile focus has led the Berlin-based developer to step up its efforts in developing cross-connect mobile games. Current numbers for Diamond Dash show mobile games’ potential and illustrate the company’s decision to further pursue this track. Since its launch in December 2011, Diamond Dash on iOS has grown to around 30 million downloads and sees an impressive and constant growth rate of around 100,000 new users per day. Also encouraging is the number of active users who connected their Wooga gaming experience with Facebook which has also increased from 28% in late 2011, to 68% one year later.

For Jens Begemann, founder and CEO of Wooga, mobile is the gaming industry’s biggest driver at the moment: “For us the last 12 months have seen a noticeable shift towards mobile. A year ago we decided to invest in this segment and began to build strong foundations in this platform. Today half of our game designers, engineers and artists are working on new mobile titles that should redefine what players expect from social mobile games. Therefore, we focus on bringing the most creative minds in the industry to Berlin to work with us.”

Mobile Mindset – Devices for Employees

This positive trend towards mobile is not only noticeable with Wooga’s games, but also inside the company. Eight Flash developers have already been trained in the art of iOS development, with an additional five following suit by the end of the year. Additionally, the company is providing all of its +200 full-time employees with a new Apple or Android device – either the iPhone 5/the new iPad or a Samsung Galaxy III – in order to give every Wooga a full mobile mindset.

Mobile-optimized Logo

Even more visual than the unlearned developers and the shiny new devices is the freshly optimized Wooga logo, which will go live on November 1st and improve the legibility and recognition of Wooga’s games on mobile devices and everywhere else for that matter! The new logo is already available here wooga.com/logo.

Upcoming Mobile Titles

Currently, half of Wooga’s +200 employees are working on games for mobile devices. With Diamond Dash for Android and Monster World on iOS to be released soon, Wooga is also looking forward to another yet unannounced title, which will excite iPad & iPhone users within the next weeks.

To download all assets and the German version, please visit http://www.wooga.com/press/releases/morebile/