November 29, 2012For Sizzle: Wooga’s Movember Fundraiser

In the past couple of years, November has become a month not only known as “almost the end of the year”, but as an awesome opportunity to raise awareness for men’s health issues. All it takes to participate is to grow a moustache over the course of “Movember” (Get it? Movember= Moustache + November), while collecting donations for a good cause. Initially organized by the Movember Foundation in Australia, the campaign has grown to become a global phenomenon.

Of course, a group of brave Woogas just had to join this year, spearheading (or should we rather say “beardheading”) the hairy cause in Berlin. With November almost coming to an end, Wooga’s “Mustaches of Gaming” (Mo Bros & Mo Sistas combined) decided to put the big “Mo” in No-vember, turning this cold month around with a heartwarming charity event.

As a tribute to Movember’s Australian heritage, the team decided to go for a Sausage Sizzle, an iconic  Aussie fundraiser tradition. Held in the central company kitchen, the sizzle attracted many hungry Woogas and helped the hairy few to collect quite a nice amount of donations.

UPDATE: As expected, the sausage sizzle turned out to be a huges success, ramping up the team’s donations to over €450.