November 26, 2012Winning Wooga: A Fan’s Dream Coming True


For the first time in Wooga’s history, a fan visited Wooga’s purple tower. Cathy, who travelled all the way to Berlin from the south of France, won the trip as part of our Bubble Island Competitionin which she placed the larger than life banner in New York’s Times Square.

Well done & bienvenue chez Wooga, Cathy!

But what of this cross-continental adventure? What of the highs and lows? Was this a mere quick visit or something, well, a little better? We have the answer!

It all began on a chilly Friday morning. Our proud Bubble Island winner, Cathy, and her plus one, arrived at the office and were greeted with a fine selection of Wooga merch, including custom-made (and super rare) Woogoo juice, chocolaty Bubble Island-bubbles and some very (typically) colorful Wooga shirts.

After a warm welcome and a good morning-coffee in our still very new, but not brand new kitchen, we began the trip around Wooga’s office. An “office” you say? Yes, we admit, the word ‘office’ doesn’t typically strike you as an exciting prospect but have a quick look at the pictures adorning this blog post and you may see that our ‘office’ is more of a color infused paradise. Plus, we make games. Being a keen Bubble Island fan, Cathy’s excitement was a real pleasure to witness as we started off on the exclusive behind scenes tour. Excited by the spaciousness and open environment-attitude, she was surprised to learn how many different teams are actually involved in the process of developing a social game – from the first rough idea to the playable release and the many iterations that follow on a weekly basis.

She also couldn’t believe how many international and young people are working under the same roof here in Berlin. The highlight of the day came when Cathy finally met the team responsible for her favorite Wooga game, Bubble Island. Of course, she just had to try out Bubble Island on the iPad for the first time, which is a particular favourite for those after high scores. That’s an insider tip. A little later it was time to say goodbye to our new friend as Cathy left the office with a big smile and even more useful tips from the Bubble Island team. I think we may just see some new records set, so watch out for some serious high scores from Cathy in the future.

But what of the rest of the trip? Was this tale of travel, color and racoon-themed fun all to this cross continental trip? No, no, what would a trip be without a little tour of the sights of Berlin? With a few tips from our team we said farewell to our visitors and wished them all the best for the rest of their weekend in the warm(ish) Berlin winter sun.

Congratulations again to Cathy! Maybe next time it will be you we’re showing around the office. Until then.