December 20, 20122012: Woogalicious Reloaded

Another woogalicious year is almost in the books. Thank you for sharing this amazing and eventful year with us. Well, now it’s time to take a look back at the Wooga highlights from the past 12 months.


Fasten your seatbelts, here we go…


January 2012 brought chilly weather to Berlin, but warmed our hearts with incredible feedback (and download numbers) from our Diamond Dash launch on mobile a month earlier.

In February, our celebrations continued with Bubble Island’s 2nd birthday and a huge party with some delicious cake. The icing on said cake came a few days later, when we announced a user growth of 185% for 2011 and kind of-solved the big Maté-Mate mystery.

March brought a bunch of Woogas to GDC in San Francisco, where we went on the big stage, looking back at the lessons learned from “Growing out of Europe”. At the same time, we launched an optimized version of Diamond Dash for the new iPad and topped off the month with a social success – and over 11 million Diamond Dash downloads on iOS.

April kicked off with no jokes, but probably the tastiest post this year. Yes, it was mystery lunchtime at Wooga. Yummy! Well-fed, we went to Quo Vadis, where we successfully disrupted the status quo and certainly left a purple mark on and off the stage.

May continued with a conference doubleheader in our lovely hometown of Berlin. And yes, we absolutely had to check out both, re:publica and NEXT. May also turned Wooga into a truly international company, with more than half of the company’s employees coming from countries outside of Germany. Wunderbar, yippee!

In June, a bunch of Woogas put their athletic skills to the test at the Berlin Company Run. However, an even bigger achievement was unlocked, when we managed to reach 200 employees – and opened our new fantastic kitchen wonderland.

July sent the blog on an exciting exploration trip. We sat down and talked with some Wooga Backend engineers, visited the Computerspiele Museum in Berlin and took you on a Wooga mentor lunch (probably the second tastiest post this year).

Like every other year, August followed July. However, our deco contest/summer party on a boat was completely unheard of – and had us eating, drinking and mingling amongst the sights and sounds until the wee hours. Additionally, we went to the incredible Campus Party Europe and were happy to see how well a Wooga tech guestpost was received.

In September, we were pretty excited when Diamond Dash was featured as one of the first redesigned apps for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

October picked up where the previous month had left off, because we announced Wooga’s future mobile focus and presented our freshly mobile optimized logo.

In November the big bubble burst. Bubble Island launched on mobile, we invited the first fan ever to our office and travelled all the way to two exciting shows in Brazil.

December topped off an incredible year. Diamond Dash for Android was released just in time for the holidays, allowing our passionate players to compete across platforms. Of course, this served as an extra motivation for a special James Bond-themed X-mas party. And yes, we successfully completed the very last mission of the year.

We are already looking forward to 2013 – a year in which we will double our current portfolio with new and exciting titles for web & mobile. Stay tuned!

Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!!! See you soon in 2013!!!


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