December 5, 2012Great Job! Batching Badges at Wooga

We love developing games. That’s a fact. Another fact is that we also love playing games and with that comes a great passion for unlocking all kinds of cool achievements.

On Monday, Woogas were pleasantly surprised with a nice addition to their personal profiles in the internal information source #1 aka. the intranet. As of this week, each Wooga is able to unlock a colorful selection of Wooga badges, which can be earned for various achievements. The additional “Badges Leaderboard” throws a dash of competition in the mix, because we are all curious to see who will become Wooga’s first “Badgelor” or ”Badgelorette” by unlocking them all.

While some come easy as an instant unlock like the “Greenhorn” badge for starting at Wooga, others ask for more specific tasks in order to be earned. The crazy “Woogaholic” badge for example is only available for having played all Wooga games for at least one hour each – something all new Woogas will reach in their first week.

For reporting a bug in a Wooga game, the “Bug Hunter” badge brings an incredible amount of luck to its new owner. But of course extracurricular efforts are also rewarded: Members of a weekly Wooga athletic activity like the beach volleyball- or soccer group, can sport the “Sporty Spice” badge, while those who organized an event outside office hours with at least 10 Woogas can look forward to the balloony “Event Manager” badge.

With the big X-mas party coming up at the end of next week, many Woogas are quite confident to finally pick up the “Daywalker” badge, which rewards having witnessed the sun come up at a Wooga party.

In our no bonus-culture, the unique badges represent a playful and funny way to display that someone has done a great job and cares about her/his environment. Of course, as with in all of our games, the badges are subject to our iterative approach…which means that updates with more badges are to follow soon.

Oh, and before we forget. By reading this blogpost, you have automatically unlocked the imaginary “I’m a Blogstar” badge. Wait, you are not working at Wooga yet? Head over to to join the fun and secure your own batch of badges soon.