December 17, 2012From Wooga With Love

On Friday, Wooga went on a very special mission. A mission that still had to be completed in 2012, because it was time for Wooga’s epic X-mas party. As you (as an avid reader of the blog) already know, we are passionate about our games, but so are we about our infamous parties.

To “spyce” things up, James Bond was chosen as the party’s theme and every Wooga agreed that things had to be shaken, and certainly not stirred. To get us in the right mood, a Bond-themed game was developed for our arcade machine (we are a game developer after all 😉 ). Absolutely built from scratch, the spy game asks players to sneak into a building without being spotted from security guards. A few days of coding after work and during the weekends sufficed and on Friday the game was finally put to test.

After a few warm up-rounds, we left the office braving the cold Berlin weather and entered a rented movie theater around the corner, where we – after a lovely Wooga 2012 highlights video – watched the latest Bond movie to steal some nice quotes and slick moves for the following party. Already in costume, heroes and villains enjoyed the movie peacefully together.

Fortunately, the party location was only a couple of footsteps away at Goldneun Bar/Restaurant and after a sumptuous buffet we started to live it up on the dancefloor.

We didn’t accept the barkeep’s Dr No as an answer, when we partied the night away at Wooga’s Casino Royale on her Majesty’s secret service – snapping our goldfingers, while drinking thunderballs of Moonraker juice, because the world is just not enough. Well, they say you only live twice and there was certainly no quantum of solace when we decided to die another day – as you can imagine the rest of the night was absolutely not for your eyes only – because diamonds are forever & tomorrow never dies.