January 14, 2013Sharing Is Caring

While Santa Claus is already getting back to neutral in the off-season, here is a late season’s post we just had to share…

Christmas! It was the season to be jolly… and generous! Instead of spending the monthly team budget in the usual manner – with loads of food, drinks and bad jokes – Wooga’s Marketing and Operations Team decided that the money should be used in a more “merry“ way during the Christmas season.

And so they gathered together and came up with the plan to give the team’s budget to someone, who needed a bit more this time of year! Soon they found the perfect partner: The integration day care center “iKita“ in Berlin Neukölln.

The “integration Kita” is a daily home for 150 kids, of 20 different nationalities, different social, cultural & sometimes problematic backgrounds. It is an amazing place and they have done incredible work in the community. Among many other engaging activities, the center offers the kids and their parents courses in basic German, which many families greatly appreciate. To improve the German skills as well as general learning skills, the center created a computer learning program for the kids. Yet the computers they have at their disposal are rather inadequate – which makes learning less than fun.

MOPS (short for Marketing & Operations and also coincidentally the German word for “pug”) decided to contribute. A task force came together: hardware, software, funny pictures, cool headsets, and mousepads were built or bought and on top of that a huge box of Wooga-Christmas-calendars was gathered to pimp out the computer program “Wooga style”.

The team went to bring the goodies, showed the kids and the teachers how to use the technology, and ended up putting lots of happy smiles on lots of faces.