January 7, 2013Let’s Stay Connected: Wooga’s Social Media

2013 is already in full swing here at Wooga and we are looking forward to another great year, with exciting new titles and big surprises along the way. To make sure you don’t miss out on all the good stuff, here’s a short roundup of Wooga’s various social media activities.


You can find all of our games and respective fanpages on facebook. Plus our official Wooga profile helps you to stay up to date with everything games-related. Become a fan and never miss out on a new release, cool competition or fantastic feature.

Taking pictures, editing, and sharing them right away is what makes Instagram so special. We just had to join the fun. Follow us to get an exclusive look behind the scenes and find out what makes Wooga such a unique place to work.

Pinning is super easy and it’s a lot of fun. Come join Wooga on Pinterest to share your virtual pins and pinboards with us or just enjoy our colorful collection.

One of the world’s largest knowledge-sharing platforms is a real Web 2.0 powerhouse, which allows users to upload, comment and download homemade content. Here at Wooga, we use SlideShare to offer insights on a wide array of topics. From company-related to specific technological subjects, and to valuable lessons learned, there’s something for everyone.

We’ve been on Twitter for over 3 years, and our Twitter profile is one of the fastest ways to get the latest announcements, find out about interesting articles, or just marvel at woogalicious graphics and pics. Follow us!

Well, this overview wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Wooga’s YouTube profile, because the video-sharing website allows us to let movies speak. Find everything from Christmas to internationality videos, the latest game trailers, and more here.

And while this ever-growing list will never be complete, and will hopefully be updated soon, you are of course always welcome to check the Wooga blog out, and join the conversation in the comments.

Let’s stay connected!