January 17, 2013The First Step: Student Opportunities at Wooga

While some of you are already considering the feasibility of New Year’s resolutions, others can’t wait to start off 2013 with an important first step towards a career in the game industry. That’s why we wanted to seize the opportunity to give you an overview of potential student opportunities here at Wooga.

So take out your notepads folks, because this is a blog post specially designed for you and your future career plans…because in the end it’s all about experience.

I want to work in the industry someday

The first step to gaining experience in an industry usually comes from an internship. Internships offer an opportunity for you to gain insights and work out whether you really want to pursue a career in a certain position or not. Sometimes mandatory for study and hopefully compensated, they usually last longer than only a couple of weeks. Ideally, they go beyond doing preliminary work and offer practical experiences.

Some interns speak of C&C horror stories* and look back at wasted experiences, but this does not have to be the case. A good starting point for a rewarding internship in the game development industry is http://gamedevmap.com/ – a living map and catalogue of developers, publishers, organizations, mobile/handheld, and online developers.

Pro tip from Wooga’s zealous HR team: Before you fire off a barrage of applications, familiarize yourself with the potential companies. See if they actually offer what you are interested in and read over the specs so you don’t end up sending an application for a position you might not be particularly suited to.

Right! So if you had a closer look at the above-mentioned website and you realized that you want to spend an awesome time in an exciting city, in a unique working environment… well, keep reading. Here’s how you can end up interning with Wooga.

*Unfortunately, this usually does not refer to Command & Conquer, the back in the day-classic…but to ‘making coffee and copies’.

Why Wooga?

Interns have been an integral part in our development in various forms since day one. The first intern ever (from the early days of 2009) is now leading as Head of Arcade and is responsible for Wooga’s Arcade smash hits Diamond Dash and Bubble Island. We just know that there won’t be any popular future games without including young, international talent in the process because after all, they’re the ones who will determine the future of the industry.

That’s why every Wooga team has at least one aspiring talent on board, ranging from business intelligence, customer care, to HR, marketing, or the engineering squad. To foster tight connections with universities, Wooga has established co-operations with universities all over the world. From our own backyard, to the Finnish talent pools in Tampere and Kajaani, to the Centre of Digital Media in Canada, just to name a few. In addition, we also started our own social games class with Berlin-based HTW here at Wooga.

We offer students internships, working student positions, and the opportunity to write your thesis.

At Wooga we try and make sure that every student gets the most out of their time here. No copying and coffeeing, oh no no, we want you to put your talents to use! We expect a lot from our employees and so do we from our interns, and that’s why every one of our 3 – 6 month long internships is compensated. As an intern you will be a vital part of our team and receive a lot of hands-on advice and help from your fellow Woogas.

Sounds good? Have a look here for more information: http://www.wooga.com/jobs/10reasons

Ready, steady, apply now

To get things going you should head over to http://www.wooga.com/jobs/students/ and take a good look at the postings. At the moment Wooga offers three options for students: internship, working student or graduate positions. While an internship can lead to becoming a working student or writing your thesis, this is neither necessary nor mandatory, but of course welcome.

And of course, there is always the opportunity to ‘extend’ your internship, working student placement, or graduate experience and become a full-fledged Wooga.