January 25, 2013Wooga Game Jam 2013 (15th-17th March 2013)

Want to spend a weekend developing mobile games?

Like every product, successful games start off with a good idea. But before that good idea can become a real game, hours and hours of testing has to be done. To contradict that well known saying, making games can be all fun and games.

This testing is called ‘prototyping’ – a common step for every new game here at Wooga. It’s also something that a lot of people enjoy doing in their free time, in what’s known as a Game Jam.

A Game Jam is a get-together of game enthusiasts, usually over a weekend. In advance of actual prototyping, participants find out about the theme and rules. The limited timeframe and a friendly atmosphere contribute to an open exchange which hopefully leads to a lot of interesting game ideas. At the end of the caffeine fuelled coding sessions, all projects will be presented.

Proudly presenting…

…the Wooga Game Jam 2013.

From 15th-17th March, the Wooga Game Jam will take place in our Berlin office. There, participants will get to develop a sweet mobile game from scratch. Experienced Wooga developers, artists and game designers will also be on hand to offer support should it be needed.

Participants can look forward to meeting a lot of like-minded people, hacking the weekend away, and presenting your game to Wooga’s “Captains Crew” (a panel made up of founders Jens Begemann & Philipp Moeser, plus Head of Studios Antti, Christopher, Stephanie, and Sebastian.

*Have we already mentioned the free BBQ and pizza somewhere?

So, no matter if you are a product manager, artist or engineer or still a student – it is all about your creativity and enthusiasm!

We don’t want to limit participation and since Wooga is an international place, we decided to cover travel cost for attendees from outside Berlin. But don’t forget: Participation and travel support is limited!

How to enter

Head over to http://www.wooga.com/gamejam/ for Q&As and the official registration form(Please read the Q&As before registering)

And, who knows? You might seize the Wooga Game Jam to become of us in the end 😉

p.s If you can’t wait until our Game Jam, this weekend will give you the perfect opportunity to experience the Berlin version of the famous Global Game Jam (in +160 cities). Organized by Amaze in cooperation with Gamestorm and the Berlin Mini Game Jam, the festival looks forward to seeing many experimental computer games.