February 8, 2013Agile Game Lab Comes To Wooga

We have said it before, being agile is important – no matter in which field you are actually working. However, if you make a living as a game developer it probably has even more in store for you.

The Agile Manifesto is already a guiding principle here at Wooga, because this dynamic approach works so well in our iterative/small-team environment. But since we also believe that the learning should never stop, we are very excited to experience new stimuli by hosting the Agile Game Lab next week – a heavyweight event filled with lean management ideas.

Organized by experienced Agile-practitioners Stefan Haas & Stephan Schwab, it takes creative games and simulations to teach Agile practices. Set up as open usergroup, participants from novices to masterminds can look forward to exchanging thoughts in a super relaxed and open-minded atmosphere. Drinks and snacks will be provided as well!

And who knows, maybe the Tasty Cupcakes’ Agile Game Incubator PLAID will also come into play and lead to new exciting Agile games…

Interested? Register here (participation is limited): http://www.amiando.com/agalab.html


Further reading:

http://www.haaslab.net/ (Stefan Haas’ website)

http://www.caimito.net/en/ (Stephan Schwab’s website)

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