February 6, 2013Casually Connected: Wooga @Casual Connect/Europe

A bunch of Woogas will be heading north to beautiful Hamburg early next week, to join the big “Moin, Moin” (*typical North German greeting) at Casual Connect/Europe: February 12 – 14, 2013

Organized by the Casual Games Association, “Casual Connect brings together the most talented and knowledgeable experts in the casual gaming field”. The conference invites attendees to four different locations (Europe, Asia, Kyiv, and the USA) throughout the year. Wooga has been to several Casual Connect Conferences and we are excited to see a lot of familiar and of course new faces soon. If you are among the +1,600 expected attendees in Hamburg, you can look forward to the following Wooga presentations:

From Keyboards to Fingertips: Rethink Game Design! 

On Tuesday, February 12 at 9.00am (Hall G), Wooga’s Founder and CEO, Jens Begemann, will open the conference with this keynote in the Industry Insights-track.


One thing has become clear in the computer industry over the past four decades: UI, not technology, governs large leaps in adoption. In the first age of personal computing, keyboard-centric character-based UI’s limited access to only those sufficiently motivated (and antisocial) to suffer such dramatic abstraction of the world we live in. In the 2nd age, GUI’s and a “Mouse” opened the usage of personal computers to a much broader audience and enabled a first change in game genres. Today, we are poised on the brink of the 3rd age. With touchscreen devices, the mouse has been replaced by our fingertips and games can be played by everyone, anytime, anywhere. Join Jens Begemann, CEO and Founder of Wooga, as he beholds this new age in game genres and proposes why this new UI standard is a revolutionary, not evolutionary, influence on our industry.

Stealing Your Heart, Eating your Brain

One day later, on Wednesday, February 13 at 10.30am (Hall G), Timo Dries will offer his Product Manager’s perspective.


Numbers aren’t exciting to most people. On their own, numbers don’t make a great game experience. Mix in a little heart, though, a dash of emotion, and suddenly the experience comes to life. Combining the two in game development is essential, and having one without the other more often than not results in failure. In this talk, Timo Dries will look at what numbers to pay closer attention to and which ones to ignore, as well as revealing how carefully adding some heart to these numbers can pay dividends.


Keys for Mobile Game Marketing Success

On the same day, Sebastian Kriese, Corporate Development Manager at Wooga, will join an intriguing panel presented by Pepe Agell (Publisher Relations at Chartboost) at 1pm (Hall F). Besides Sebastian, the panel will feature Martin Schulz (Founder: Decane) and Brett Seyler (Founder: Kerosene Games).


This session will look at how studios of all sizes can succeed in the mobile gaming space from a business perspective. Pepe Agell will moderate a panel of game developers who will share their experiences operating with three different, but effective business tactics.