February 21, 2013Wooga Heralds ‘Mobile Era’ of Gaming, Announces Next Generation Games

● New genres and games announced in Wooga’s ‘next-generation’ portfolio

● Wooga’s CEO heralds the beginning of the mobile-era

● Revenue split 50/50 between web and mobile platforms

San Francisco – February 21, 2013 – Wooga today revealed four new titles as it looks to bring games to a bigger audience than ever before.

Wooga founder and CEO, Jens Begemann, cited the rise of smartphones and tablets in propelling the industry into the ‘mobile-era’ of gaming. He credits the technical revolution as the catalyst for bringing games to an audience as big as other forms of entertainment such as music and film.

“In the past two years what we have seen is developers, like Wooga, making the ‘move to mobile’”, Begemann said. “Over those two years we’ve focused on bringing our web games to an even broader audience while making the very best social games for mobile. We’re happy that we made the move to mobile as early as we did because the lessons we’ve learnt have helped us to make even better games”.

Four upcoming games were revealed as part of Wooga’s next-generation portfolio. The new games see the company embracing innovation in new genres and technology, with Town Defense & Combat Strategy game, Kingsbridge (estimated release date: April), being Wooga’s first ‘mid-core’ title. The game offers gamers a deeper gameplay experience while retaining the kind of accessibility which has become synonymous with the Berlin based developer.

Pearl’s Peril (Web: March 5th|Mobile: Q2), an ambitious hidden-object game, looks to innovate on web, iPhone and iPad with a story penned by Steven-Elliot Altman and weekly story-driven episodic content – a first for the industry. Long lasting web franchise Monster World (March 21st) was also fully revealed for iPhone and iPad, while newly announced title Pocket Village (April 11th) encapsulates Wooga’s signature style of accessible and emotive gaming while also being the company’s first game to be developed exclusively for mobile.

“These games innovate on both web and mobile platforms, which is why we’re calling these our next-generation of social and mobile games”, Begemann said. “Having seen such success on web, getting the mobile side of this equation right was a huge focus for us”.

Having released its first mobile game just 14 months ago with Diamond Dash, Wooga currently sees a 50/50 split between revenue coming from web and mobile. Wooga also revealed that it is profitable, with revenues being invested back into the company as part of its long term focus on sustainability and innovation.

Wooga signaled a broader focus on platforms. Worldwide hit, Diamond Dash, was announced for the Kindle Fire HD and is set to arrive in March, while Wooga also announced that it will be bringing all of its most successful titles to Android.

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Wooga is one of the most popular social games developers for web and mobile in the world. The company is based in Berlin, Europe’s creative heart and mecca for tech industry innovators. Wooga was founded in 2009 and now employs over 250 people from 40 nations, who work together to make top titles for a global audience. The studio’s signature approach to game design emphasizes emotional character development, usability, and superb localization. Wooga’s free-to-play games are enjoyed by around 50 million players monthly.