March 7, 2013Angela Merkel on Tour: High Profile Visit For Berlin’s StartUp Scene

Today, we were honored to welcome a high profile guest to our office. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel visited Wooga as part of her Berlin StartUp Tour.

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After Mrs Merkel had successfully opened the CEBIT on Monday (the world’s largest computer expo in Hannover/Germany), she wanted to seize the opportunity to acknowledge the positive development and growth potential for StartUps in Germany during their visit. As a vivid supporter of young aspiring businesses and the country’s domiciled digital economy,  she has brought up the need for more venture capital in Germany and a potential “One-Stop-Shop” concept (common framework conditions for European StartUp founders).

Just a few days ago, Mrs Merkel underlined the importance of furthering the interconnection of innovative businesses, investors and science, while stressing the German government’s efforts to support ambitious ideas.

Speaking of science, today’s tour started earlier at our friends from ResearchGate. Founded as an international social network for scientists, ResearchGate has established itself as a millionfold collaborative platform for scientists exchanging expertise, contacts, and discourse.

Just like Researchgate and many other StartUps, Wooga has become an international German company with employees from all over the globe. We think that many problematic areas like immigration have taken a turn for the better over the last few years, but we believe that by establishing a “welcome culture” – like a English-speaking service at the Bürgeramt or internet/water/electricity providers- we could make Germany an even more attractive place for international talent.

At Wooga,  Mrs Merkel was taken on a tour through our office. First, she stopped at a “historical” site, Wooga’s first analog growth chart, which had to be extended by hand a few times in the early days. After the “Wooga story in a nutshell” with the founders, Jens Begemann and Philipp Moeser, the Chancellor and her entourage went back to Wooga’s mobile future – and one of our upcoming games, Pocket Village.

In the Pocket Village area, our guest had the opportunity to talk to the team and learn about the different roles and how the workload is actually coordinated. This was followed by a visit to one of our upcoming super secret, super secrets.

Here, she  got some game development 101 insights and was told how a game, from first sketch to prototype and to launch, is actually developed. After this, Mrs Merkel also had the chance to get some first-hand experience of our international culture, when she sat down with a few Woogas and exchanged thoughts on life and work in Germany.

The visit went by super fast and ended with a group picture on our recently finished third floor, which offers more space for new game ideas and teams, while also featuring an awesome auditorium for meetings.

However, this wasn’t it for today. In a few hours, important topics and ideas will be picked up again and discussed at the “Internet & Start-Ups in Germany” meetup, which will give attendees the opportunity to talk to Mrs Merkel and mingle with other influencers like Lars Hinrichs, Klaus Hommels, Heiko Hubertz and Marco Boerries, just to name a few.