March 14, 2013New Ideas Need Space

Welcome to Wooga’s new 3rd floor, which was inaugurated only a couple of days ago. The additional 1000+ square meters offer lots of creative space for new ideas, while also including an awesome auditorium for meetings or events.  And of course, the new floor’s design follows the cozy playfulness of our kitchen wonderland.

Wooga Wasn’t Built In A Day

That’s not how the original goes, but we have to admit it’s been quite an exciting ride so far. From a shared backyard apartment in the very early days to a lively office that offers enough space for over 250 people from all over the world.

We were pretty fortunate once the 3rd floor became available, because our beloved architects from Berlin-based huelleundfuelle hadn’t run out of creative boosters after completing the kitchen and agreed on coming along for the ride.



Deconstruct To Reconstruct

Planning for the 3rd floor began in September 2012 and official construction kicked off one month later. Well, first it was more deconstruction, because around 40 tons of concrete and rubble had to make way for something a little more colorful. Gallons of paint were used, innumerable meters of cozy carpets were laid, and around 5 km of cables were installed to keep us going.

So far so good, but of course the 4th floor had to be connected to 3rd, right? Yes, it had to and this stepped masterpiece was customized to keep us close, because it makes moving through the office super easy.

Be Bold, Build Things

Influenced by their agile surroundings, both architects realized that they had to rethink their previous approach. With up to 30 people working on the construction site during peak times, a lot of quick and bold decisions had to be made…and sometimes remade.

Despite the occasional noise and dust, Woogas were really curious to see what was happening behind dusty curtains. And if a hand was ever needed, we gladly helped – maybe also to get a glimpse of what was going on.





Auditorium, Auditorium

Once the curtains were lifted and the dust disappeared, we could see with our own eyes what incredible kind of space the 3rd floor had become. The whole experience was topped off when we discovered its epicenter, the larger than life auditorium. Made of 800 running meters of baulks, it can hold up to 400 Woogas hungry for knowledge. The auditorium was built by a company specialized in huge event construction, whose clients range from professional football clubs to the Eurovision Song Contest. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that Jens & Philipp will represent Germany in the next one, we promise to further focus on developing games.

A Big Thank You!

Every project eventually comes to an end and so did the 3rd floor construction. Usually, this means that everyone involved just moves on to the next adventure, but we heard that a lot of builders just didn’t want to leave, because they enjoyed working here so much.

That is really nice to hear, but there is one important thing we would like to say to everyone involved:

Thank you for your hard work and this awesome addition to our office!!!