March 5, 2013Pearl’s Peril: Wooga’s Hidden Object Game Launches

Pearl’s Peril is now available for computers on and a fully synchronized version for iPhone and iPad will follow in Q2 2013.

– Ambitious story-driven hidden object game with fascinating adventure scenes

– New weekly episodic content in a serialized television format

– Hand-drawn scenes and immersive art style

Our Heroine Needs Your Help!

Unlike other hidden object titles, Pearl’s Peril places a continuing narrative at the heart of its gameplay.

It’s 1929, set in tumultuous times at the end of the roaring twenties and Wall Street Crash, you step into the shoes of Pearl Wallace – a young and headstrong heiress of one of America’s wealthiest families.

Brought up in a boarding school and equipped with a pilot license and her own plane, Pearl’s life takes a turn for the dramatic as she receives news about her father’s sudden death, who was once a successful broker on Wall Street. Jolted out of her Big Apple dreams, Pearl grabs her precious journal and best friend Iris before flying to the family’s island in Polynesia to further investigate the truth behind her father’s mysterious passing…

Organized in well-crafted chapters with nail biting cliffhangers, you can look forward to weekly episodic content in a format popularized by television shows. This means that each and every week at the very same time, a new chapter will be available for you.

Intuitive Gameplay for Everyone

The game is divided into chapters, consisting of hidden object and adventure scenes. Hidden object scenes require that you, as the name already suggests, find certain hidden objects in stunningly rendered scenes, while adventure scenes ask you to show a bit of savvy by combining clues and solving clever riddles.

Don’t worry if you have never played a hidden object game, because the game’s well-crafted progress mechanics allow beginners to easily adjust to the genre, whereas pros will find enough challenge to test their skills.

What’s so great about the actual gameplay is that you can play Pearl’s Peril as fast or competitive as you want. It’s totally up to you!

Coming in Q2 2013, iPhone and iPad users will have the opportunity to enjoy Pearl’s Peril on the go. Fully synchronized, it will allow you to smoothly switch from computer to phone or tablet and still continue with your latest game state.

Content Matters!

Pearl’s Peril launches with 7 complete chapters, in which you meet +10 complex characters and accompany Pearl to four different continents across the globe to reveal important clues – and this is only the beginning! Every chapter consists of 6 immersive scenes, which together hide over 400 unique objects for you to discover. But please have in mind that you will get a brand-new chapter each and every week.

At launch, Pearl’s Peril is available in 12 languages:

  • English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.



A Great Team Effort

At Wooga and partner companies, a total of 50 people are involved in the development process of Pearl’s Peril, 34 of which are artists. This illustrates how much effort goes into the game’s immersive art style and ambitious scope. Pearl’s mysterious quest around the globe is also represented in the team’s setup, which combines the unique skills of 16 nationalities.

The team and everyone at Wooga is happy to bring ambitious episodic storytelling to the world of games.