April 3, 2013We Are Here To Help You: Relocation @Wooga

With employees from over 40 nations and more than 50% of our vibrant team coming from places outside of Germany, Wooga’s office has turned into a truly international English-speaking cosmos. Good thing is, we have gained a lot of experience in the process and are happy to have a bunch of Woogas dedicated to the relocation process.

Our relocation support is part of a bigger “feelgood strategy”, which we hold near and dear to our hearts. Today, we want to shed some light on the different steps of said support, because who knows…maybe you will end up in the Wooga office yourself one day.

Here are a few things to consider before finally setting foot on German soil and starting a new exciting part of your life in Berlin.

Getting Here

Creative, affordable and a great travel-hub in Europe’s middle, Berlin is home to around 3.5 million Berliners.

Let’s assume you just signed your contract with Wooga and are right in the middle of packing your bags and saying goodbye to your old digs. We know that’s already pretty nerve-wracking, but rest assured, the move will be worth it. Around the same time your packing action begins you are contacted by a friendly Wooga, who among many others, will be there to guide you through a few challenging moments.

Although Berlin’s future mega airport is still under construction (and might probably take a few more flyovers) until it’s finally done, travelling to and within the “Perle an der Spree” is still pretty easy.

“What works best to transport my ‘life’ aka. furniture and stuff?”, “Which Berlin airport should I fly to?”, “How will I find my way to the Wooga office?”

…Don’t fret! We’re here to help! There are answers at hand and with over half of our team coming from abroad we have more than likely encountered the very same question before. Once all the finer details of travel are worked out, it’s really about time to get to the closest airport and on your way to Berlin.

Settling In

After a pleasant flight, you are en route to our office in the middle of the city, where someone from our special “onboarding” crew will welcome you. You will then receive your “Welcome Package”, which will allow you to navigate through those tricky (and actually really fun) first days and tell your family back home that you made it in one piece.

Depending on whether you were successful with your apartment hunt or not, you then either leave the office and head to your new home…

…or have the opportunity to call one of the nicely furnished Wooga apartments your temporary home for the next six weeks. Situated within close range to the office, shared/ for singles/ or families, the Wooga apartments give you enough time to check the market for the following weeks while adjusting to work, surroundings, and the taste of Club Mate.

Really popular among new Berliners without an apartment  is the “Wooga House” in busy and creative Berlin-Friedrichshain. Seven Wooga apartments equal a lot of people in the same situation, which means you can master challenges together…and of course go for a bite or drink after work or explore the city during the weekends.

Paperworkin’ Like A Boss

Okay, back to the office. Hopefully well rested, the next days at Wooga allow you to get down to the nitty-gritty of our business. Besides the starter sessions, you can get past a lot of bureaucratic obstacles in the first weeks. Good thing is you don’t have to swing your machete through Germany’s sometimes thick bureaucratic jungle alone, because an experienced Wooga is hanging in there with you.

Registering your address, opening a German bank account (super important, because you can’t rent a place without it!), getting a mandatory insurance or setting up internet and telephone at home, are just a few of the many tasks we are used to handling on a daily basis.

Finding Your New Home

“My home is my castle”, “There is no place like home” or “Home is where the heart is”…you know where this is heading, right?! We really know what you feel like in this exciting but also exhausting moment, because we have been in exactly the same situation before.

First, we prepare you with Wooga’s apartment seeking 101, where you hear all the specifics to succeed in one of Berlin’s 12 boroughs. This session is followed by an invitation to the “Wooga Housing Group” on facebook (a regularly updated group with the latest apartment and free-furniture offers) and topped off with endless hands-on help with all necessary documents you need to make you feel at home in your new place.



Dealing with Daily Life-Stuff

So, you found your new castle, moved in with kit and caboodle plus all your precious belongings and started living life on the fast lane again…and suddenly your washing machine decides to stop, your heater turns into an ice maker or you are left wondering about the mandatory German broadcasting fee for television and radio? Yup, just a few of the many unwelcome things that nobody has ever asked for, but which eventually do happen to all of us. But don’t worry, we are with you concerning the daily stuff as well. Just ask!

We know that it takes some preparation and adjustment before feeling at home in the German capital, but we are are happy to help you become a Wooga and real “Berliner” soon!

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