August 22, 2013Making a Splash: Jelly Splash Launches Today

Today we’re very happy to announce the release of Jelly Splash. We announced the game just over three weeks ago at Casual Connect, and now lucky iPhone and iPad owners can get their hands on this addictive puzzler.

For those keen gamers and Android smartphone owners, don’t fret. Jelly Splash is our broadest and most rapid cross-platform release yet. That means that we’ve used a few speed boosts to get the game to you as soon as possible. Both versions should launch towards the end of September, so stay tuned.

Jelly Splash is a puzzle game that sees you connect lines of Jellies to progress through levels and fend off the invading Critters. Things start off easy, but gradually you’ll be conquering all sorts of different levels. Score levels have you aiming for, you guessed it, a set score, Dark Slime levels have you cleaning up after the Critters while Captured Jelly levels have you saving your fellow Jellies.

Jelly Splash is also a product of our prototype process at Wooga, discussed in detail by Antti Hattara at Casual Connect. Just over a year ago, it all started on one sheet of paper and a pitch. From there, it went through several iterations before it entered production and ended up in your hands today.

At Wooga we’re lucky enough to try out all these games before they’re released. Just to make sure they meet our very particular ‘fun standards’. Over the course of 3 months Woogas played:

Basically, we quickly found out just how crazily addictive Jelly Splash is. But don’t take our word for it, try it out!

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Jelly Splash Screenshots