Wooga Turns 5 Years Old Today. Let’s Celebrate!

Posted on January 6, 2014

On a snowy winter’s day 5 years ago, a little something called Wooga was brought into the world thanks to two men in a Smart car, racing across Berlin.

Our founders Jens, Philip and Patrick wanted to bring gaming to everyone and have people who weren’t so used to having a joypad in their hands enter the world of gaming. People like, say, your Grandmother or Mum who were adverse to a little game of angry soldier man shooter but had incredible hidden match-3 powers that the world had yet to discover.

Brain Buddies was Wooga’s first game and it saw players completing a series of questions to calculate the mass of their brain. After weighing up a launch on local social networks, which were all the rage in Europe at the time, the team decided to instead launch on a little known platform called Facebook. The game was a roaring success, notching up millions of users in no time and putting Wooga on the gaming map in no time at all.

Success followed with hits like Monster World, Bubble Island and Diamond Dash and more recently with hits like Pearl’s Peril and Jelly Splash on more platforms than you could count. In the past 4 years our office space here at the BackFabrik in Berlin has increased tenfold and we’ve grown our force of Woogas from a handful to over 250 from a whopping 42 different nations.

All of that has a massive impact on the amount of coffee beans consumed in this part of Berlin. For that, and a few more juicy stats compiled over the last five years, our nifty graphic artists have put together a lovely infographic you can explore by scrolling endlessly down.

Happy Birthday, Wooga!