People at Wooga

Some of our team members sat down in the purple chair to tell us what they like about working at Wooga.


Customer Care

Paula graduated in Marketing and Communication in Madrid and joined the Wooga team for a three-month internship in 2010. Being a full-time employee now the 28 year-old works as a Customer Care Agent for the Spanish-speaking market.

  • Why did you apply to Wooga?

    I used to play Bubble Island and I was thinking about coming to Berlin. Then I saw that they were looking for Spanish interns, so I decided to apply.

  • What is your biggest challenge at Wooga?

    To learn as much as possible about social games and marketing on Facebook.

  • Describe Wooga in three words!

    Wooga is funny, international and cool!

  • What is your favourite place in Berlin?

    I really like Mauerpark and I also love Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.


Backend Developer

Diego comes from Colombia and always wanted to learn and work with Erlang. He got to know Wooga at a conference in Buenos Aires / Argentina. Now he’s doing exactly this: working with Erlang as Backend Engineer for Wooga’s most popular game Diamond Dash.

  • Where did you get in touch with Wooga?

    At a conference in Buenos Aires. Later on I checked the homepage – and Wooga was actually looking for Engineers.

  • You develop something that is played by millions of people.

    Yes. Backend is usually obscure. Here I feel that my work is appreciated and gets recognized. Even my nephews in Colombia play Diamond Dash.

  • Describe Wooga in three words:

    International, fun, smart.

  • You moved from Medellin to Berlin.

    Right. Berlin is Europe’s Silicon Valley, and it’s nice to learn from talented people in such a start-up scene. Culturally it’s pretty damn amazing, too.


Game Illustrator

Dani is one of the creative minds at Wooga. As an illustrator Dani was part of the Happy Hospital team, where she created the cute characters from scratch and filled them with life – a task she is now fulfilling in our Pearl’s Peril team.

  • How free are you creatively with your art?

    Basically, I’ve been feeling very free. I was given plenty of free rope and just had to wait for approval. Now I am just asked to draw specific poses of my creatures.

  • What do you like most about your job?

    That it is my dream job and that I’m able to draw the whole day.

  • What do your friends think about your job?

    They are all jealous, haha.

  • Which game did you play most?

    Monster World. I had to stop though, I became too addicted.


Product Manager

Kaisa is one of currently 8 Finnish Wooga employees. As a Junior Product Manager Kaisa works in our Fantastic Forest team where she creates features and new content for the game.

  • What do you like most about Wooga?

    The variety of my work and the creative freedom given to perform in my job. People are trusted with responsibility from early on and that shows in the overall culture of the company.

  • If you had a wish…

    I’d ask for 3 more wishes.

  • Have you always been a gamer?

    I’m more of a board gamer myself, but the social and mobile games are interesting. They allow me to connect with my friends in a fun way, regardless of location and time.

  • How did you find out about Wooga?

    Through a friend who also works here. He sent my LinkedIn profile to the Wooga HR and I was contacted the following day.


Head of Arcade

Christopher has been part of Wooga since the very first day. He started out as an intern, bringing our first game Brain Buddies to overwhelming success. As Lead Product Manager, the 25 year-old is is now in charge of all our Arcade Games (Diamond Dash and Bubble Island), which are both award winning successful games.

  • What was your biggest surprise when you came to Wooga?

    Probably that there really was no company in the beginning. Wooga was only founded shortly before I joined. My first task: Help to find a good name for the company.

  • What was your biggest success at Wooga?

    Besides winning Best Social Game 2010 at the European Games Award for Bubble Island definitely surviving the open bar at the first Wooga Christmas Party.

  • What is special about social gaming?

    Being able to write on the “walls” of friends, telling them how hard they suck and really getting away with it. That was definitely not possible when you used to play console games in your friend’s living room.

  • What is your favourite game ever?

    Well, I am too young to reference any classic C64 games. So I would say Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation. It’s the very best RPG. And even in this game you already had to take care of your own pets on a farm…