There are over 250 Woogas
From over 40 countriesRead what they have to say about working at Wooga

  • Florian SteinhoffProduct Lead

    “As a product lead, I get complete ownership of the project I’m working on. That means I have the final say, and there’s no committee management, which leaves me free to pursue my passion – making great games.”

    Florian is the product lead behind Jelly Splash – one of the most played games in the world.

  • Philip HufenProduct Lead

    “Creating a new game in a genre that hasn’t been covered by anyone else can be quite challenging, but also really, really awesome. I learn something new every day, and so do we as a team.”

    After driving two major core game successes at Bigpoint, Philip joined Wooga to create a new mid-core title for mobile platforms.

  • Carole LavillonnièreEngineer

    “The culture of mentoring at Wooga is very strong. I get better as an engineer day by day, thanks to the knowledge and experience of the people I work with. This also helps me get a clearer picture of how I want my career to grow.”

    Carole comes from a tiny village in France, but has a big impact with talks and seminars. Check out her thoughts on pair programming on Youtube.

  • Jesper Richter-ReichhelmHead of Engineering

    “In such a fast-moving industry, it’s hugely important to ensure that the technology decisions we make are the best for our games. With our strong focus on agile development, I believe our engineering culture is second to none.”

    A veritable celebrity in mobile engineering, Jesper is a strong advocate of sharing best practices. Here's one of his Youtube videos from GOTO conference.

  • Riana McKeithArtist

    “The freedom we get at Wooga really helps me be as creative as possible. I’ve worked at other development studios before, but here the focus is all about creating talented teams that make superb games we all love to play.”

    Riana’s work has featured in some of the biggest games on the planet, such as Plants Vs Zombies and Bejeweled. Visit her Pinterest board.

  • Antti Hattara Head of Pocket Studio

    “Because we don’t hire people to fit any specific team, we all have the flexibility to move between projects. That means much greater adaptability and more opportunities for progression within the company.”

    Antti was already an experienced VP Product Management at Digital Chocolate before coming to Wooga.

  • Adam TelferProduct Lead

    “The culture at Wooga totally embraces failure, and I love that. Working from our ‘hit filter’ principle, we kill projects that aren’t going to become huge successes, making sure we’re always working on something valuable.”

    Coming to Europe all the way from Toronto’s XMG studios, Adam is a product manager at Wooga. He also has his own mobile game design blog.

  • Daniela UhligArtist

    “The best thing about working at Wooga is being around such creative and passionate people. But it’s not just about the workplace. I love the organized parties and events that really help us all get to know each other.”

    Dani creates stunning illustrations for an upcoming hidden object game. Her other incredible work can be found at

  • And You! 

    “Starting at Wooga has given me the perfect chance to follow my passion in a great working environment. The people are so talented, and totally focused on making games that people love to play. I’m so glad I applied!

    You’re creative, talented, motivated, a great communicator, and above all, awesome. You come from anywhere in the world and have a genuine passion for making great games.