Wooga Opens First Overseas Office In Tokyo To Strengthen Local Partnerships

September 16, 2014

Wooga is pleased to announce the opening of a Japanese office to complement its existing operations in its Berlin headquarters.

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Critical Hits and near Misses: The Wooga Hit Filter

Wooga founder & CEO, Jens Begemann is in San Francisco today at GamesBeat, where he is talking about critical hits and near misses and why you’re not likely to have the first without the latter.

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Konnichi wa, Japanese-German Young Leaders!

August 27, 2014

Japanese-German Young Leaders

Today, we were honored to welcome a group of Japanese and German young leaders in economy, science, politics and media here at Wooga.

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Wow. One year of Jelly Splash!

August 22, 2014

jelly splash cupcakes

Can you believe it? Exactly one year ago we released Jelly Splash. Boy, have we come a long way. Today there is a total of 280 levels. We introduced boosts, portals and new challenges. A total of around 50 million people have installed the game until this day. More than 46 billion Jellies have been splashed so far.

This is the perfect occasion for a little time travel: We launched the game on August, 22nd 2013 for iOS. By that date, the entire Wooga staff had already lost their hearts to the Jellies having tested the game for 3.000 hours in total. We were so convinced that the people out there would love the game just as much we did. And we were right: Only four days after the launch, over one million players had joined us in defeating the evil dark slime.

In early September the Facebook.com community got to join in. At that point Jelly Splash had already topped the app store download charts in nine countries. By the end of October the team brought the game to the Google Play Store and the Android users joined the ten million people playing the game by now. In April 2014 Jelly Splash was named one of “Facebook’s games of 2013″. 23 games were chosen in total, based on user ratings, growth and overall quality or picked as Staff Favourites.

We received many gifts from Jelly Splash users around the world, tons and tons of positive and negative feedback (both mean a lot to us in order to improve the game) and no matter where Woogas travelled in the world we always caught a glimpse of someone enjoying the game on the bus or train.

Thanks to everyone who played the game during the last 365 days and helped clear the Jelly World from evil slime!! Here is to the next year of Jelly splashing.


the Jelly Splash team

Jelly Splash team

Uncle Bob Visits Wooga

August 15, 2014


 This week we were lucky enough to have the father of Agile software development, Robert C. Martin (aka Uncle Bob), visit Wooga.

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The Art of Killing – Adam Telfer at GDC Europe

August 8, 2014


“I am a failure,” says Adam Telfer.

Admittedly, not your typical opening line for a GDC presentation. Adam has been working at Wooga for just over two years and has failed on over 7 projects; including match 3 games, endless runners and even a racing game. Speaking at GDC Europe earlier this week, Adam delved into the reasons why Wooga has become adept at, and celebrates, killing games and why failure can be a good thing.

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Student Project with CDTM: Audience Driven Game Design

July 25, 2014

CDTM students at Wooga

Almost from the very early days, Wooga set up regular student projects with the Center for Digital Technology & Management (CDTM), a joint institution of the Technische Universität Munich (TUM) and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (LMU).


As part of this year’s Entrepreneurship Laboratory (elab), Wooga has been supported by 4 smart talents in order to work on a research project about different player types of free2play games. Starting in April 2014, Yoana, Raoul, Nils & Sascha had to play tons of different games for uncountable hours in order to gain meaningful learnings for our game teams. 3 months, 14 skypecalls and several milestones later, the fabulous four presented their results within the company.

From the student’s point of view, the study can be concluded like this: “It is known that not all players are the same. They differ in the reward they are looking for and the type of games they like. As a game developer you might want to optimize your game for a certain player type, improve your idea or benchmark your game and compare it to others. Therefore, we analyzed 30 selected games of the US iOS market and derived a framework on how to assess and compare games. This framework can support your ideas right from the beginning.”

In addition, the students developed an automated toolkit which allows our game teams to easily evaluate audience driven game design.




Wooga is Berlin’s most family-friendly company

July 7, 2014

Usually you wouldn’t necessarily link a family-friendly environment to the digital economy and video games. But Wooga has done exactly that and managed to become a top employer for parents. That initiative was awarded last week, when Wooga was named the most family-friendly enterprise in Berlin.

The awards are organised by a group of well-known labor associations, such as the Entrepreneurs Association Berlin-Brandenburg (UVB), the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Berlin (IHK Berlin), the German Union Association (DGB), the Berlin Advisory Board for Family as well as the chamber of handicrafts Berlin.

Sieger des Landeswettbewerbs 2014 ausgezeichnet [in German]

The jury stated that even though Wooga is still a young company, it already employs 250 people from over 40 different nations. This diversity is met by a range of actions and measurements, in orders to make families an important part of the company culture and internal communication. The jury was impressed at how Wooga implemented these tools: Facebook groups for parents, as well as “Mums-Lunches” present a picture of a company that facilitates a modern approach to combined job- and family-planing.

Wooga family agent Josefine Botha with baby and award certificate

Wooga family agent Josefine Botha with baby and award certificate

Other mentions were the general principle on family friendliness in the company, the employment of a family agent that takes care of mothers and fathers, as well as cooperations with the Fröbel-Kita and a babysitter emergency call. These are extra offerings on top of general decisions, such as flexible working hours based on trust.

In fact, in 2013 there were 13 new babies born with a Wooga employee being the father or the mother. And in 2014 this number might even increase…

With Kit and Caboodle: Families @Wooga

Wooga’s debut at the ‘Rockstar’ among job fairs – Sticks & Stones 2014

July 1, 2014


Taking everyone as he or she is no matter which nationality, gender, sexual orientation or music taste is one of Wooga’s key principles when hiring.

Last weekend we were thrilled to be a part of ‘Sticks & Stones’ – the first recruiting event focused on what they termed as ‘real’ diversity.
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First Startup Weekend Makers & Games hosted at Wooga

June 27, 2014


Last weekend was a busy one once again at Wooga!

After an edition in Hamburg earlier this year, we hosted the first Startup Weekend dedicated to hardware and games in Berlin and more than 70 people decided to spend their weekend with us, working hard on turning their ideas into reality.
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