Create your very own Farm Tales today!

  • Design your very own village in the forest!
  • Farm and fish to your heart’s content!
  • Meet cute new animal friends!
  • Explore dozens of different areas!
  • Craft unique items and trade with friends!

Meet your friends


A grumpy old sailor with a cracked shell and a secret lost at sea.

Fratelli Brothers

Buy and sell with the Codfathers — just watch out you don’t wind up sleeping with the fishes.


Smart, sweet and set on saving the day… but will she ever find true love?


A devoted, down to earth fox with his head in the clouds.


Lover of the finer things in life – eating, sleeping, and staring at the clouds.


Flexible and frisky, knows how to exercise both body and charm.


Loves trading crops and items, but adores the latest gossip.

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