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Berlin History & Culture

Rebuilt, reunited and reinvented several times, there is no shortage of history here. From the fall of the Berlin wall, to the underground movements leading up to it, you will find many interesting things to learn about this historically dynamic city.

Berlin combines the culture of New York, the traffic system of Tokyo, the nature of Seattle, and the historical treasures of, well, Berlin. Hiroshi Motomura

Photo of Berlin Wall

Rich with diversity and a creative atmosphere present-day Berlin is said to be like New York was in the 1980s. Berlin is still affordable and full of young artists, musicians, and creative-types. With a number of large parks connected by tree-lined streets Berlin is not only visually green but in accordance with one of the leading environmentally conscious countries in the world, it is environmentally green as well. Riding the high-quality light-rail, above ground and below ground train system, or simply a bike is the preferred method of transportation for most Berliners.

Berlin living

How does spending your summer leisure time relaxing in a German Biergarten, Barbequing in one of the many inviting Berlin parks, or partying on a rooftop terrace sound? Summer time in Berlin is like nowhere else on the planet. Within a matter of days the city explodes in green revealing trees and parks hidden during winter. After exploring Berlin why not travel Europe? Thanks to Berlin’s central-European location many of Europe’s historical and cultural sites are only a short flight away.

Photo of the WEEKENDRooftop views of Berlin from the Weekend Club, a popular party spot.

Berlin has no shortage of options for Nightlife either. Famous for it’s underground clubs and all-night party culture, you will find parties held deep underground in bunkers and old breweries, abandoned factories, posh river-front discos, or world-renowned clubs such as the Berghain. The best thing about Berlin’s Nightlife is you can find something that suits your taste whether its electronic, theatre, jazz, classical music, or salsa dancing.

Working at Wooga

Wooga is a leading European mobile and social games developer. Based in the heart of Berlin’s thriving technology sector Wooga strives to develop social games of the highest caliber.

With a team of over 250 people from over 40 nations Wooga is a vibrant and exciting place to work. The renovated Backfabrik (baking factory) located in central Berlin is full of technology startups and includes a cafe and a gym – all within walking distance from the city center. If you are looking to work with a fun, international team Wooga is the company for you!

Working in Germany

Working in Germany means more job security, more paid time-off, and one of the best universal healthcare systems in the world. With 24 days vacation and support from Wooga in visa processes, moving to Germany is easier than one might think. Berlin is Germany’s most international city and that means English is the language used by most non-natives living here. Getting by with only English is not a problem.

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Photo Credits: Berlin Skyline by Ole Begemann, WEEKEND Club by Zeitfixierer, Berlin Wall from Wikimedia