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Final Thesis Opportunities

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Working Student Positions

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Why our internships are unique!

  • At Wooga, you won’t be making coffee. You will be making a real contribution to games that will be played by millions of users.
  • Come and check out life in Berlin – Europe’s most exciting city, with amazing cultural diversity, art & music everywhere and low cost of living.
  • Imagine your friends and families playing the games that you helped to create!

    … pretty cool, huh?

  • Wooga internships are paid and can lead to future full-time employment.

    Still not convinced?
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    Life is Good Working at Wooga

Fairplay matters!

Wooga is a Fair Company. We treat every intern and employee with respect.

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Student Experiences

“Curiosity and a high interest for the gaming industry helps me to combine my passion with my work life. The ability to learn new things and master complex tasks is important for my everyday work at Wooga.” Denise
HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management
"I recently received the Deutschland scholarship from Wooga which really makes my Game Design studies here in Berlin a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. " "I can't tell much about the people at Wooga, but when I was shown around the studio I instantly became aware of the comfortable atmosphere. Everyone seemed to virtually radiate their energy, passion and satisfaction about being able to create games and doing that at Wooga.” Patrick
HTW Berlin ­ Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. Scholarship Holder “Deutschland Stipendium”
"I'm fascinated how Wooga is caring about their employees. It's the free drinks, fruit salads, cornflakes, a mentor program, an educational budget, assistance with all your business with German bureaucracy and many more small things which make you want to stay and work hard for the success of all the fluffy monsters!" Tim
MD.H Berlin ­ Bachelor of Science in Game Design
"Working at Wooga is the best kick off I can imagine as a game design student. Operating in such professional structured teams, the know­how of so many professionals and the large amount of different nations are like a jackpot which the university cannot provide." Anton
MD.H Berlin ­ Bachelor of Science in Game Design
“I've got a lot of responsibilities and trust from the team. It really motivates to do my best when the team values my input and I can see my work in the game. Working at Wooga is a great experience!” Emma
Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Bachelor of International Media
"The best thing about Wooga is definitely the people! You’ll learn from great mentors with tons of experience on how to work efficiently and write code for big projects. Meeting new friends from all over the world over an afterwork beer in the kitchen pretty much describes the company culture here." Jonathan
University of Skövde. Bachelor in Computer Game Programming
"To see your contributions going live to millions of players is a unique experience as an intern. Pushing it to the next level doesn’t feel like work, but more like unlocking new stages of awesomeness in an international environment based on mutual respect." Philipp
Zeppelin Universität, Friedrichshafen Master of Arts in Corporate Management & Economics
“Working in a young, international and very motivated team is really exiting and fun. I am still thrilled by the fact that the stuff we build is played by millions of users everyday. I like turtles.” Stephan
Beuth University of Applied Sciences
"My most memorable experiences at Wooga were the special meetings of every team. For instance the 5 minutes of fame where Artists could share their experiences, techniques and thoughts! I really loved it. It's great that there is no fear of sharing and you can learn something new every day at Wooga!“" Kim
Berufsausbildungszentrum Lette-Verein
“Working as an intern at Wooga is great, because the atmosphere is always friendly and highly international. You will learn tons of interesting things here and live in the manic capital of Germany.” Johannes
Beuth University of Applied Sciences
“At Wooga I found the perfect place to solidify game design studies! The company provides me a professional and friendly environment to improve my skills in game production and design. I enjoy working in a talented team that values my contributions. What’s making the working student experience perfect, is seeing your own work in the game and knowing millions see it too.“ Huel
MD.H Berlin ­Bachelor of Science in Game Design