We make games with thoughtful, compelling stories at their core

At Wooga, we want to create joyful experiences that awaken our players’ desire to see what happens next. We want to provide a place for them to become part of exciting worlds and touch their hearts with our stories, in which their actions drive the stories forward. We're based in the heart of Berlin, where about 200 employees from around the world work together to create high quality story-driven casual games.

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We make story-driven games

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Engaging stories that take you on an adventure.

At Wooga, we work to ensure that at the heart of every game we make is a gripping narrative, with relatable characters that take our players on an adventure.

Our Values

Being Accountable

We believe the best way to lead is to take ownership of success and failure. We don't see failure as the end of the world, instead we view it as something that should be communicated and learned from.

Thoughtful Communication

At Wooga, we pride ourselves on communicating clearly, carefully and bravely. This helps our game teams and internal services do their very best and act on meaningful feedback.

Being Close To Our Players

Wooga's games have been played by millions of people around the world, and each has built their own unique experience inside the worlds we have created. We endeavour to share our players' excitement and listen to feedback on where we can improve.

Embracing Innovation

The casual games sector is an intensely competitive environment and we believe that the best way to set yourself apart from others is to embrace innovation. Whether it's finding new ways to tell a great story or run experiments on how to integrate ads, we're always looking to add a little something special to our games.

Sharing Knowledge

At Wooga we encourage sharing best practices and have numerous internal events to ensure knowledge is shared and adopted; from 5 minutes of fame presentations and weekly standups to hosting external events and brownbags.

One Company

We are lucky enough to all work under one roof in the centre of Berlin. There are no satellite offices or video calls at strange hours. That allows us to all share the same vision and help the many instead of the few.

Our History

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Back when it all started, Wooga is founded


Jens Begemann
Co-founder & CEO

Jens is responsible for ensuring Wooga's corporate strategy is in line with its goals to become the leading developer of story-driven casual games. He accrued his knowledge from over a decade’s worth of experience in the mobile industry, beginning with overseeing the launch of Europe’s very first mobile games portal at Jamba in 2001.

After founding the company, Jens quickly established Wooga as one of the leading players in the social gaming space before successfully guiding the company through its transition to mobile.

Ross Logan

Ross manages the finance as well as legal and HR departments at Wooga. In his role he oversees all aspects of financial management and planning in order to support decision making and provides strategic advice to the board and wider management team.

Ross has over 10 years of experience as CFO in the games and advertising industry, having previously worked for mobile games developer Miniclip and Paris based mobile advertising group, Mozoo. Prior to working in these high growth sectors, Ross had almost a decade’s corporate experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers in London.

Sebastian Nussbaum
VP New Games

After having led the Pearl’s Peril team in delivering a hidden object smash hit, Sebastian and his team even managed to repeat that with the 2017 launch of June’s Journey. Sebastian is a truly creative mind and today heads up Wooga’s New Games teams, responsible for keeping our games pipeline full of exciting and top secret projects.

Sebastian’s work in the gaming industry is an adventure in and of itself. Sebastian has worked as a creative director, designer and producer for various developers of award winning mobile content. Sebastian strives to empower his teams and create an atmosphere where individuals are given a great deal of responsibility.

Pal Tamas Feher
VP Technology

Wooga is well known for its feats in engineering and it is up to Pal to lead Wooga’s many talented engineers in delivering exceptional front and backend experiences to players.

Pal’s passion for mobile technology started at Germany’s first mobile website and continued as he made the switch to Jamba. Joining Wooga in 2012, Pal helped establish Wooga’s presence on the Android platform and make good on a childhood dream to work in the videogame industry.

Paul Virapen
VP Business Development

Paul heads up Wooga’s platform partnerships, corporate development as well as game distribution activities.

Paul has a great deal of experience within the industry over the the past 16 years, having worked as Head of Games at The Walt Disney Company, before moving on to found mobile games company Big Pixel Studios, and later the smartwatch focused studio, WearGa.

Bryan Mashinter
VP Live Games

Bryan manages Live Games at Wooga. Our games are entertainment services that we aim to provide to our players for many years. Bryan and his team not only ensure that new content and features are delivered regularly but they also market the games, localize them and support our community of players, when everything is running smoothly… and when it isn’t.

Bryan, a proven industry leader, joined Wooga in spring 2017. His passion for games goes hand in hand with his enthusiasm for working with experts of different disciplines and empowering them to make great decisions from a creative, business, marketing and player perspective.

Martin Müller
VP Operations

Martin is our man behind the scenes, making sure all parts of the games development process run smooth like a Swiss watch. Being a people manager at heart, Martin is responsible for staffing the game teams and allowing for our game designers, writers, artist and producers to be the best at their crafts.

Martin has worked across a wide range of industries as a product manager and even ran his own SaaS startup before joining Wooga in 2012. He became friends with the Monsters from Monster World, our beloved Jellies, Max Ammo and the Tropicats along the way and has always shown his magic skills of forming strong teams to make big things happen.

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