Jens Begemann

Jens Begemann

Co-founder & CEO

  • Passion for play Jens’ main responsibility is to guide and support the game teams. He contributes with his extensive knowledge of the market, detailed industry analysis, and a true passion for games!
  • Creative leadership A true industry pioneer, Jens launched Europe’s very first mobile game portal at Jamba. With over ten years of experience, his knowledge dates back to when mobile games were a maximum of just 30Kb!
  • Real impact Jens is a firm believer in giving product leads 100% autonomy over their games. This way teams are in complete control of every aspect of their app’s development, and have genuine ownership of their games.

Built for fun

Jens is the big chief at Wooga in more ways than one.
He’s even able to hold an iPad in the palm of one hand – that’s a full-sized one, not a mini. And, yes, he’s available for children’s parties.

Philipp Moeser

Philipp Moeser

Co-founder & CTO

  • Running the show Responsible for the running of all things technical at Wooga, Philipp’s passion and enthusiasm for clean, agile engineering drives the technology culture throughout Wooga.
  • The cutting edge During Philipp’s time at Rocket Internet, he helped craft the technical culture and infrastructure of dozens of tech startups, forming a core part of the success of a number of businesses all over the world.
  • Language of success Philipp believes firmly in engineering teams making their own choices about the technical framework they use. Whether its Ruby or Erlang, the teams have the final say in their engineering environment.

Beer o’clock

As per ancient German law, free beer – as well as other assorted alcohol – is on tap at Wooga after 7pm. Philipp enforces this sacred rule and is affectionately known as ‘The Beer Baron’.

Jan Miczaika

Jan Miczaika


  • Sustainable growth Jan’s main responsibility is to grow the games Jens and Philipp make. This includes overseeing marketing, business development, localization, community management, partnerships, and PR.
  • Startups After a number of internships at startups, VCs and private equity firms, Jan abandoned his PhD to launch his first start-up enterprise,, an online marketplace based in Cologne.
  • Hands off Jan is a strong believer in hiring the best people, making sure they have the right tools for the job, and then getting out of the way… except for the occasional nudge in the right direction, of course.

Road trip

The parties organized by Jan’s marketing and operations team are the stuff of legends! A recent one saw over 40 Woogas take to the roads of Berlin in horses, beer bikes and hot rods!

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