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Wooga is situated in Die Backfabrik, a former 19th century bakery complex in the middle of Berlin, about 10 minutes from Alexanderplatz. You can find us on the corner of Prenzlauer Allee and Saarbrücker Straße.

Wooga GmbH
Saarbrücker Straße 38
10405 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49-30-52 10 70 50
Fax: +49-30-89 64 90 64
Mail: Info@wooga.com

Media Kit

Need logos, screenshots or photos you can use in your blog or paper? Download the complete press kit:

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Press Contact

Maike Steinweller

Maike is Wooga’s Head of Communications and assists with all media inquiries.



  • Our talented artists develop Wooga's unique character style. They collaborate the story writers to create the look that is pivotal to the plot. It is very creative but time-consuming process and donuts help us to stay energized! 🍩  #junesjourney #artteam #characterdesign #behindthescenes #gamedev #games #hiddenobjects #donuts #wooga #videogame #yum
  • See you at #berlin🇩🇪 #pride🌈 ❤️
  • Today we had our first brown bag presentation honouring #Pride. We’ve learned through personal stories of our colleagues, why pride is still needed and got a little history lesson as a bonus. Very insightful & inspiring. If you’re a Berliner, Wooga is joining the parade tomorrow. Come and say hi!
  • Hello everyone, June’s Journey team is here! We would like to show you our lives behind the scene. We hope it would be interesting for you to know: how we work on our game, the challenges we face and how we solve different problems, and how we chill and party as a team. 😎  Thank you for your love, support and feedback. Stay tuned to see more! 
#junesjourney #dreamteam #wooga #gamedev #lifestyle #behindthescenes #videogame #mobilegames #hiddenobject #berlin
  • Woop, woop! Day 2 of #UniteBerlin and #wooga office tour with our awesome scholarship winners and our spectacular view ❤️

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