The Physics Based Bubble Shooter!

Discover why over 90 million fans love Bubble Island, the smash hit bubble shooter! Use your skill to size up the perfect shot, and with the all-new physics-based gameplay, create stunning chain reactions to make your eyes pop!


Shoot, swing and bounce!

Team up with an all-star cast for a bubble shooter puzzler with unbelievable chain reactions!


Join the bubble-shooting hero on his mission around the world. Help him reveal the mystery of the missing landmarks and bring cities across the globe back to life.

Building Beavers

Your go-to guys when you need to build a landmark. You can find them hanging out in levels right across the world. Look out for these bustling buddies whenever you play!

Simon von Adler & Polly

The evil mastermind behind the missing landmarks, Simon von Adler is hell bent on destruction. His unfortunate sidekick, Polly, gets the worst of his frustration, though.

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