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“As a product lead, I get complete ownership of the project I’m working on. That means I have the final say, and there’s no committee management, which leaves me free to pursue my passion – making great games.”

Florian Steinhoff Principal Product Manager

Florian is the creator of Jelly Splash – one of the most played games in the world - and Toby. Here he is at the GDC explaining how he did it.

Florian Steinhoff

“Being an artist in a company where art isn't just an afterthought but a vital part of the game, is the best motivation to always keep improving in order to create magical experiences for our players.”

Steffi Schütze Lead Artist

Steffi is a true Berliner, a rare species at Wooga. She heads a team of artists working one of our upcoming puzzle games.

Steffi Schütze

We share all information openly, from production roadmaps to revenue numbers.

“I love working on a Live Game where features I'm developing are hitting the hands of users super fast!”

Glenna Buford Lead Engineer

Glenna is passionate about making the tech scene more diverse. She acts as a director of Women Who Code Berlin and is organizing workshops for girls to encourage them to work in engineering or game design.

Glenna Buford

“At Wooga, there are two things I enjoy a lot: ambitious goals and autonomy. Here I can lead experienced teams and make great products, always with the players and the team in mind.”

Georg Baumgarte Product Lead

Georg grew up with games and moved to Berlin to join the casual games industry over 7 years ago. He loves games at day and rock music at night.

Georg Baumgarte

“Wooga is an all-in-one game-maker where everything is possible. Our focus on high-quality casual games means I rub elbows with top industry talents and connect with a much larger audience than ever before: everybody!”

Fred St-Amour Creative Director

Hailing from Montreal where he's merged creative and management in mobile gaming, Fred now enjoys warm Berlin winters in Wooga's highly creative environment.

Fred St-Amour

We host talks from some of the world’s
biggest names in the industry

“Wooga excels at in-house business intelligence and thanks to all these smart and passionate people working together, we're able to constantly improve our capabilities.”

Hermione McKee CFO

Hermione has worked in London and Sydney before settling with Wooga in Berlin where she heads the finance & commercial intelligence teams.

Hermione McKee

“I grew up with two passions in my life: Games and languages. Today I am working in the localization department in one of the most incredible mobile gaming companies and I couldn't be happier!”

Dario Quondamstefano Localization Manager

Dario is a globetrotter. Hopping through 3 different countries he finally arrived at Wooga in 2012 where he makes sure that our games can be played in many, many languages!

Dario Quondamstefano

“The best thing about working at Wooga is being around such creative and passionate people. But it’s not just about the workplace. I love the organized parties and events that really help us all get to know each other.”

Daniela Uhlig Artist

Dani creates stunning illustrations for an upcoming hidden object game. Her other incredible work can be found at www.du-artwork.de.

Daniela Uhlig

“As a product manager at Wooga, there's always the next project, the next challenge on the horizon. Working with all those incredibly talented, passionate people here feels rewarding every day.”

Sarah Schadow Product Manager

Sarah is originally from Berlin - a very rare species at Wooga. She started out in our Player Experience team and meanwhile has developed into a Product Manager role where she first designed games for Apple Watch. Today she’s part of the Adventure Studio working on our next hidden object game.

Sarah Schadow

Each Wooga gets 1,500 Euros and 2 paid days off per year, giving you control of your own professional development

“Our global approach to market our games is well represented in the diversity of the UA team with 6 people of 6 different nationalities and 3 continents, collectively speaking 11 languages as well as 50/50 split of men and women working together. Diverse teams FTW!”

Lenette Yap User Acquisition Manager

Lenette relocated to Berlin in 2016. Having worked for large publishers in Singapore and Hong Kong, she adds a lot of valuable knowledge for growing our games globally.

Lenette Yap

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