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“As a product lead, I get complete ownership of the project I’m working on. That means I have the final say, and there’s no committee management, which leaves me free to pursue my passion – making great games.”

Florian Steinhoff Product Lead

Florian is the creator of Jelly Splash – one of the most played games in the world - and Toby. Here he is at the GDC explaining how he did it.

Florian Steinhoff

“The freedom we get at Wooga really helps me be as creative as possible. I’ve worked at other development studios before, but here the focus is all about creating talented teams that make superb games we all love to play.”

Riana McKeith Art Director

Riana’s work has been featured in some of the biggest games on the planet, such as Plants Vs Zombies and Bejeweled. Visit her Pinterest board.

Riana McKeith

We share all information openly, from production roadmaps to revenue numbers.

“I love working on a Live Game where features I'm developing are hitting the hands of users super fast!”

Glenna Buford Game Engineer

Glenna Buford

“In such a fast-moving industry, it’s hugely important to ensure that the technology decisions we make are the best for our games. With our focus on agile development, I believe our engineering culture is second to none.”

Jesper Richter-Reichhelm Head of Engineering

A veritable celebrity in mobile engineering, Jesper is a strong advocate of sharing best practices. Here's one of his Youtube videos from GOTO conference.

Jesper Richter-Reichhelm

We host talks from some of the world’s
biggest names in the industry

“The culture at Wooga totally embraces failure, and I love that. Working from our ‘hit filter’ principle, we kill projects that aren’t going to become huge successes, making sure we’re always working on something valuable.”

Adam Telfer Product Lead

Coming to Europe all the way from Toronto’s XMG studios, Adam is a product manager at Wooga. He also has his own mobile game design blog.

Adam Telfer

“Analytics is taken seriously at Wooga, every month we get together for "5 Minutes Of Fame" sessions to share the latest advanced analytics projects we are working on. To me, understading and shaping mobile games through data science is truly fascinating!”

Maija Marincenko Lead Data Scientist

Maija Marincenko

Each Wooga gets 1,500 Euros and 2 paid days off per year, giving you control of your own professional development

“The best thing about working at Wooga is being around such creative and passionate people. But it’s not just about the workplace. I love the organized parties and events that really help us all get to know each other.”

Daniela Uhlig Artist

Dani creates stunning illustrations for an upcoming hidden object game. Her other incredible work can be found at www.du-artwork.de.

Daniela Uhlig

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