Our Values

Our values are not just empty words. We're not always perfect, but we strive to live up to them every day.

Thoughtful Communication

Putting extra thought into the way we communicate internally describes our core value. Be it in 1:1 conversations, within teams, or before the entire company, we pride ourselves on communicating clearly, carefully, and bravely.

One Company

We are team players, working toward achieving our ambitious goals as one company. Having everyone under one roof supports this as well.

Being Close to Our Players

Millions of people around the world have played our games. We share their excitement and listen closely to feedback on where we can improve, which shows our dedication to creating exceptional experiences.

Being Accountable

We believe the best way to lead is by taking ownership of both success and failure. We don't see failure as the end of the world; instead, we view it as something we should communicate and learn from.

Embracing Innovation

We encourage everyone at Wooga to experiment and try out new ways of doing things from time to time. Especially in such an intensely competitive environment like the video game industry, embracing innovation is key.

Sharing Knowledge

We have tremendous pockets of knowledge at Wooga. Not making use of that would be a shame, and so we share knowledge all the time using various formats: company all-hands meetings, internal presentations, trainings, and individual conversations.