Our Values

Our values are not just empty words. We're not always perfect, but we strive to live up to them every day.

Thoughtful Communication

Thoughtful communication means understanding your audience, to listen and understand their perspective, to be honest and clear, to respect them as an individual and as a professional and to assume positive intent.

Self-Empowered Mindset

Be an agent of positive change within your team and within Wooga. This is not just about attitude but also about actions. The first step in solving any problem is to identify it, but we need to go past that step, identify possible solutions and see ourselves as an integral part of that solution.

One Company

Working with a One Company mindset means winning as a team, as opposed to a group of individuals. Our goal is to contribute to the overall vision and think from the perspective of the long term health of the company. It means you understand that the business needs are the prime directive. It requires adaptability and occasionally some degree of sacrifice. This doesn’t mean that you can’t focus on your personal skills and growth, it just means that your personal needs need to be balanced in light of the team and the company needs.

Player-Centric Approach

Our aim with every game, every feature, is to provide something of value to the player that also brings value to Wooga. In order to accomplish this we need to listen to and understand our players and have effective processes to incorporate their feedback into our development.

Dedication to Results

Each of us are necessary to make Wooga successful and produce world class games. Each of us has a personal responsibility to our team and to ourselves to set meaningful and measurable goals and strive to achieve them. No business and no person achieves every single goal they set, but when we don’t, it’s important to take accountability, work to understand why and set new goals.