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We're based in the heart of Berlin, where we grow together and learn from one another, focusing on a shared goal: to create the world's best story-driven casual games—games for our players to fall in love with and enjoy for years, if not decades.

Open Positions
Wooga has received the «Top 1% Employers in Germany» award from Leading Employers for four years in a row. This award is based on employee satisfaction, business acumen, diversity and inclusion, and commendable hiring practices.
This audit-based certification measures an employer's LGBTIQ+ diversity management. The Silver Seal is given to employers who scored between 60 – 80%, while the Gold Seal goes to those scoring between 80 – 100%.
Awarded by Kununu to the highest-rated employers in their database, the Pride Champion Gold Seal represents current and former employee satisfaction.

We are serious about our vision and committed to true collaboration

At Wooga, we create immersive fantasy worlds wherein our players shape the story through their actions. Our stories go beyond dialogue; we blend art, design, writing, and engineering to create meaningful, unforgettable experiences.

In 2023, June's Journey surpassed $1 billion USD in lifetime revenue.*
This is how we all celebrated this incredible milestone.

*Lifetime revenues consist of gross revenues from in-app purchases and ad revenues.

Successful game development is a continuous balancing act

At Wooga, we're dedicated to delivering exceptional content to our players for years to come. We're continuously evolving and extending the content in June's Journey. At the same time, we're constantly working on innovative concepts for future narrative-driven titles. In all aspects of our work, we're balancing creativity, passion, and business results to deliver the most value to our players.

Who we're looking for

‍‍‍Our industry is filled with the most passionate people. Our players are equally passionate about their games. We're looking for experts in their respective crafts who demonstrate empathy toward our fans while having a deep understanding of the context and industry we are working in.

We're looking for people who are able to draw the right conclusions when analyzing data as well as player feedback, so that our games inspire joy in a wide audience and achieve commercial success. Last but definitely not least, we want our employees to take ownership and be accountable, so that we all continue to succeed together as a business. 

Open Positions

Our Recruiting Process

Step 1

Application Review

We are very excited about your interest in Wooga. Incoming applications are carefully reviewed by our Recruitment team, along with the Hiring team for each specific role.

If you passed this review, you will receive an email from our Talent Acquisition team for a first initial chat with us.

In case the role you applied for is not the best fit for you on this occasion, we encourage you to keep us in mind - we are always very open to reconsidering your profile for future opportunities.

Step 2

Recruiter Screen

This is an informal chat with a member of the Recruitment team, and it usually lasts around 20 minutes. It is done without a camera and you will be discussing your motivation and experience, and we will tell you more about our story, our values, and how you would fit in.

There is no need to prepare anything specific beforehand, but we always appreciate it if you tested our games, so we can discuss them a bit with you.

You will receive feedback after this call as soon as possible, and usually within one week.

Step 3

Hiring Manager Interview

In this step, you'll meet with the Hiring Manager in a call that usually lasts 45 –- 60 minutes. The call will dig deep into your experience, skills and motivation, and you can expect questions about past projects as well as some situational/technical questions. It's also a great opportunity for you to ask questions about the team, the project, and what will be expected from you.

Step 4


This step is not mandatory for every role, and it is usually limited to more technical positions. The test is a chance for us to test your hard skills, but also a really great opportunity for you to better understand the kind of tasks you would be working on if you were to join us. It is always reviewed by our craft experts and, in case you do not pass it, we will give you constructive feedback on it.

Step 5

Panel Interviews

Collaboration is key at Wooga, so these interviews are your chance to meet different team members and see if you'd work well together.  The number varies (2-5) based on department and seniority. Each interview focuses on a specific theme (communicated beforehand), allowing you to learn about Wooga's culture and decide if it's a good fit.


We’re a hybrid company. Our teams are in the office two days a week, to encourage in-person collaboration and team bonding. The other three days you can choose if you want to work from home or from the office. We also offer 10 days a year to work from abroad - we call this workation!

Rewards. We want everyone to be rewarded fairly: our salaries are carefully calibrated for internal equality and benchmarked against the market. Additionally, once a year, we review everyone's annual performance and discuss salary adjustments accordingly.

Holidays. 28 vacation days per year, and that will increase with your tenure at the company. The longer you stay, the more vacation days you'll have!

Dogs. We have a
dog-friendly office.

Education. Each Wooga gets 2,000 EUR in yearly education budget, two days of educational leave per year, as well as in-house training.

Green Commute. We offer financial incentives for bikers and contribution to public transportation fees.

Berlin, the city to be! We are located in the heart of the capital of Germany, where tech innovation is happening. International, open-minded, full of urban and natural landscapes, Berlin will keep surprising you!

Relocation. We support relocation for you and your family. We will support your VISA application (when applicable) and we have a generous relocation allowance to make the transition to Germany as smooth as possible.

Kita collaboration. We know how important  – and hard – it is to find a kindergarten spot. For this reason, we have a collaboration with Fröbel to help you find a suitable place for your child!

German classes. Our employees come from over 50 nations and are offered free German classes for themselves and their partner.

Health and well-being. We prioritize mental and physical health, so we collaborate with Urban Sports Club, Headspace, OpenUp, and others to ensure everyone's well-being.

Students & Internships

We're excited about your interest in Wooga! Incoming applications are carefully reviewed by our Talent Acquisition team, along with the Hiring team for each specific role.