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Wooga launches Switchcraft

Switchcraft is a casual game that marries interactive, narrative storylines with Match 3 mechanics, combining the best of puzzle-centered gameplay with an immersive and gripping narrative. The game’s protagonist is a young woman – Bailey Ward – living in a small town in Massachusetts on the East Coast of the United States. Bailey takes players on a wondrous and winding journey filled with witchcraft-themed puzzles and interactions, featuring a diverse set of storylines constructed to constantly amaze players.

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Proud of our June's Journey players who came together earlier this month to jointly plant 195,128 trees in our industry-leading hidden object game which means that - with an additional donation from Wooga - we were able to reach our goal to commit planting 200,000 trees in the real world via our #GreenGameJam partner Ecosia in 2022. #Kudos also to all the Woogas who made our participation in this amazing initiative - organized by the Playing for the Planet Alliance and facilitated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - possible for the 2nd year running!


Our press kit contains logos, game assets, and office photos, as well as pictures of our management team.

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