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Wooga launches Switchcraft

Switchcraft is a casual game that marries interactive, narrative storylines with Match 3 mechanics, combining the best of puzzle-centered gameplay with an immersive and gripping narrative. The game’s protagonist is a young woman – Bailey Ward – living in a small town in Massachusetts on the East Coast of the United States. Bailey takes players on a wondrous and winding journey filled with witchcraft-themed puzzles and interactions, featuring a diverse set of storylines constructed to constantly amaze players.

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Half a day after the global release of our new game Switchcraft it already received the coveted title 'Game of the Day' in the Apple App store. We are overwhelmed by the amazing response of the first wave of players who decided to download Switchcraft and start playing, with current ratings averaging at a mighty 4.6 stars. A huge thank you to the Switchcraft Team and everyone else who helped to make the game launch-ready, and of course to all the players who are embracing Switchcraft in such big numbers. If you want to give Switchcraft a try yourself, here is the download link:


Our press kit contains logos, game assets, and office photos, as well as pictures of our management team.

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