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Wooga, as a company and as an employer brand has become front-runners in Diversity and Inclusion in recent years through targeted incentives for employees and adapted processes. This is one reason why Wooga has, significantly, been part of the TOP 1% of German employers.

Diversity of our workforce

At Wooga we have prioritize the diversity of our workforce; we believe that with a diverse and inclusive workforce we can deliver a richer and more joyful experience to our players.

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We have a culturally rich workforce, with Woogas coming from 54 different countries. We also made a deliberate decision to improve gender representation among our employees. Today we are proud to have a 41% female : 59% male ratio within all leadership roles. Ultimately, our purpose is to inspire joy in work and play, and we believe that having a diverse workforce is a step in that direction.

Diversity in our games

Diverse teams create diverse products. We want to reflect this diversity in our stories so our players feel represented and valued across all our games.

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Our players come from all around the world and all sorts of different cultural backgrounds. We want to reflect this cultural richness in our games’ weekly chapters, both on the level of characters and narrative.

Hiring for diversity

To reach the BIPOC, LGBTQI+, Women in Tech, and other underrepresented communities; we actively engage in myriad platforms to recruit new talent. 

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We train not only hiring managers on diversity and inclusive behavior, but also all Woogas. For example, one of those trainings is called “From Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion” where they can learn about D&I from both theoretical and practical levels.

Check out wooga.com/jobs r open positions so you can experience true diversity and inclusion firsthand.