This Is Us

All Woogas play an important role in driving our success as a company and in shaping our culture of inspiring joy in work and play. We are proud of our razor-sharp focus on story-driven casual games, the excellent craftsmanship we put into them, and our truly collaborative way of working.

We want to be the Players' Choice for story-driven casual games

At Wooga, we craft compelling player fantasies where the player is the star and their actions drive the narrative forward. We want our players to be curious about what happens next. Our games are about creating a strong narrative in which design, writing, art and engineering are all essential elements of storytelling.

We create engaging stories that take our players on an adventure

At Wooga, we ensure that at the heart of every game is a gripping narrative with relatable characters that take our players on an adventure.

Inspire Joy in Work & Play: We share common values that define how we work together

Our values are not empty words. While we're not a perfect company, we strive to live up to our values day in and day out.

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Diversity & Inclusion at Wooga

We have made Diversity & Inclusion a priority already many years ago and are proud to have major leaps since.

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Since 2018, we are part of Playtika and contribute to their house of brands.

As part of such a big family, we benefit from exchanging knowledge and learning from other members while maintaining our distinct Wooga identity.

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