There are many good reasons why joining Wooga is a great idea.

In these uncertain times, we offer Woogas a 1,000 EUR Productivity Budget to invest in a well-functioning home office setup
Wooga encourages a green commute, offering financial incentives for bikers and contribution to public transportation fees.
We want everyone to be rewarded fairly: Bonuses and salaries grow alongside your impact.
28 days of holiday per year, plus all Berlin public holidays. Unused holidays carry over to next year’s balance.
Flexible work schedule. Woogas can optimize for their prime productivity time by deciding when they start and end the day.
Each Wooga gets 2,000 EUR Educational budget, 2 days Educational leave per year as well as in-house trainings.
Our employees come from over 40 nations and are offered free German classes for themselves and their partner.
We prioritize Mental and Physical Health, so we collaborate with Urban Sports Club, Headspace, Fürstenberg Institute, and others to ensure everyone's wellbeing.